Getting Started on

The Victory Meals Program

The Victory Meals Program is looking forward to providing you with great meals, support, and of course, great results.

Find the menu under the ‘Individual Meals’ link. We provide a 3-week rotating menu. Under ‘Meal Selections’ you have three choices:

1. Individual meals  

2. Daily Meal Packages: Receive 10% off.

3. 5 & 7 Day Meal Packages: Receive 10% off.

Add your items to the shopping cart, create your account, and check out. Indicate food allergies or preferences in special instructions. You will receive a detailed confirmation email. 

You can also order by calling 832-495-9421 or by emailing .


Meals are delivered the next afternoon in an insulated bag with freezer packs.  Dinner and snack are eaten the day of delivery.  Breakfast and lunch go home for the next day.  Put your meals in your refrigerator and the freezer packs in the freezer.

The next morning, have breakfast.  Take your lunch and refrozen freezer packs in the insulated bag wherever you go that day. 

Your Health Tracking Form (Click here) tells you what to expect on your way to victorious well-being.  Download the Form yourself or email, or call 713-446-3663 for help.

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